New great industrial style ceiling fan available, Elemental Gyro


F306L-BS/SL Elemental Gyro by G2Art


G2Art Elemental Gyro, Oil Rubbed Bronze F306L-ORB:MM


The elegant, clean Elemental Gyro is now available!

It is a very versatile fan because you can use it in two modes. The basic mode is to circulate the air in the whole room when it makes a full circle with it’s two rotating fan heads.  You also have the option of making the air flow very directed by freezing the circular movement in one direction and tilting the fan head(s) to direct the air just to the area you want and not to other parts of the room.  It does all that while looking effortlessly gorgeous!

So now you can have air circulation in your room without worrying about your papers blowing off of your desk.  If you are sensitive to air blowing on you, you can just set it so that it doesn’t do that – but you will still have great circulation in summer or winter to increase your comfort and save your utility dollars.

It comes in two finishes, a clean all-metal brushed steel finish with silver blades or an industrial oil rubbed bronze finish with medium maple finish blades. Both have a white etched opal glass lens on the LED light fixture.

To make it even more customizable to your liking, you can use it either with or without the included 17 watt cool LED light. A matching cap is provided so that it looks great without the light, too.

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F302L Elemental Gyro at

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