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The new Spectre ceiling fan makes quite a statement.  It has an industrial vibe yet can fit into many home decor schemes.  It’s all in the details – the steel mesh on the top of the body, the clean and functional blade irons, the grooved and grated lens holder, the simple shapes of the body and blades that are highly functional and warm at the same time.






This 60 inch diameter ceiling fan comes in interesting finishes – for instance, oil rubbed bronze with antique brass and brushed nickel with orange (will be available in April 2016) .  Other finishes include flat white with brushed nickel,  brushed nickel with silver (for the all-metallic look) and oil rubbed bronze with brushed nickel.  The wide range of finishes helps to ensure that you can get this fan in a finish to match your decor.

The fan comes standard with 3 1/2 inch and 6 inch downrods so it can fit on ceilings of 8 feet.  Longer downrods are available for higher ceilings.







The Spectre fan has the latest quiet and powerful 6 speed DC motor so that you can adjust the speed exactly to your needs. It is whisper quiet, especially at the lowest speeds. LED lighting of 1100 lumens in included. This is approximately as bright as a 75 Watt incandescent bulb. The light is fully dimmable using the hand held remote.

With the LED light and highly efficient motor, the Spectre fan is very energy efficient.  In addition, using a fan can lower both your heating and cooling bills since it mixes the air and makes your room more comfortable in any season.




This is a high quality designer ceiling fan and comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor.  The LED bulb is guaranteed for 3 years (although you will probably get much more life than that depending upon your usage).

You can purchase the Spectre ceiling fan on our website:

We claim no relationship to James Bond or to SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion) from Ian Fleming’s novels. But, looking at the Spectre ceiling fan, can’t you just visualize it hanging in a ultra cool, modern, secret agent’s office? Or maybe in his luxurious, sophisticated bachelor pad? We leave that to your imagination….


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James Bond - M's workshop with Aston Martin


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