New Indoor/Outdoor Gauguin Modern Tropical Ceiling Fan Hugger


G2Art Gauguin Hugger ORB F581-ORB


Let’s face it, there just aren’t that many choices of indoor/outdoor ceiling fans. And these are the fans that you need to use if you are putting a ceiling fan on a patio or porch.  Some people who live in humid areas or very close to the sea use them all through their homes because they have found that indoor/outdoor fans last longer.

What to do? Well, now you have a new great option – the Gauguin ceiling fan now has an adapter so that it can be used as a ceiling hugger. This means that if your ceiling is 8 feet or a bit less, you can still have a fan that will not hang down too low on your porch or outdoor room.


G2Art Gauguin Hugger White F581-WHF


The tropical yet contemporary design of the fan can be used in many decor schemes. The finishes available include an all-beige Bahama Beige finish, a finish with a darker oil rubbed bronze body and lighter Bahama Beige blades, and an all-white finish.


G2Art Gauguin Hugger Beige F581-BG



The Gauguin indoor/ourdoor ceiling fan is available now with a standard ceiling attachment for ceilings of 8 feet or higher. The new ceiling hugger adapter will be available this summer (2016).



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