G2Art visits dwell on Design LA 2014


dwell on Design 2013 floor view

This year’s show was the biggest and best yet!  I love seeing the companies, both big and small, that fall under the dwell umbrella – modern, creative, quality, human- and eco-conscious.

G2Art Dwell on Design Airstream-2014

On the design front, I appreciated the creative use of recycled materials and the enthusiasm for the role of design to improve all aspects of our lives.

The dwell Store had fascinating and tempting books and appealing personal and home items that could fit right into your life to make things easier and bring you joy to see and use.

G2Art dwell on Design 2014 DOD_dwell-store-Frey-2014

I was impressed by the developments in appliances – steam ovens, etc. I personally would love to move away from the microwave and toward other easy ways to reheat and cook food like appliances that use steam.

I appreciate the courage of newly launched companies who exhibit at a show like dwell.  An example is Twelve24 who made this fascinating digital wall clock that is 4 mm thick, will run on a watch battery for a year, and looks great.

twelve24 clock at DOD, G2Art

Dwell on Design also hosts series of presentations with design leaders on topics of current interest.  Another aspect of the show that attracts many is the high quality continuing education track for architects and designers.  There are also home tours in the LA area, special social events, award ceremonies, and green car test drives.

G2Art dwell on Design 2014 presentation

There will be a smaller, curated dwell on Design in Soho (82 Mercer St) in New York on October 9 – 11, 2014.

We advertise in dwell magazine and had a great meeting with our sales rep, Hondo. This month in dwell we are featuring the San Francisco ceiling fan:

G2Art SF fan F528

All in all, many reasons to attend dwell on Design at the LA Convention  Center – make plans for next year – May 29 – 31, 2015.  See you there!

G2Art dwell on Design 2013 floor view

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