The Wing Fan – Energy Efficient with Sleek, Minimalist Design

The Wing fan is finally here!  It has proven to be so popular that it is hard to keep it in stock but finally the supply is catching up.

This amazing fan has so many good points – here are a few:

Energy Efficiency

This fan is highly efficient – it has an amazing energy efficiency ratio of 193 CFM/watt. This figure measures how much air movement the fan gets out of the electricity that it uses. This rating is much higher than most Energy Star fans which are about 70 – 90. The fan’s beautiful, sleek design and light, precision construction contribute to it’s ability to move a lot of air on a mere trickle of electricity. On high speed it moves 6000 CFM of air and uses only 31 watts. In addition, you can get the fan to blow at exactly the strength you want without wasting energy – it has six speeds in forward and reverse!

Award winning design

The striking, unique design of this fan really makes it special. If you like modern design or eclectic design, this fan can put that finishing touch on your decor.  This is a fan pared down to it’s essential elements – a motor with one simple, swooping, beautifully shaped covering that forms the blades and the motor housing. The shape and the lines are so elegant, sleek, natural, and harmonious that you will enjoy looking at this fan in your room even when you are not using it. The Wing fan has won the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum in 2010 and is nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland. These are highly regarded peer reviewed design awards; see our blog entries about our other award winning fan designs:

G2Art fans that have won the Good Design Award

Available in beautiful finishes

The Wing fan is available in silver, white, mahogany, maple, and distressed Koa. Depending on the mood you want to evoke and/or the design color note that you want to hit, one of these will be the right fit for you. The wood finishes are hand painted onto the fan and look beautiful, warm, and natural.

Ease of assembly

This fan is very easy to install. No blades to insert or balance! The fan comes in one long piece so that all you need to do is wire up the canopy, attach the downrod, attach the fan, and you are done.

Precision, cutting edge engineering

The Wing fan has been very carefully engineered to provide beauty, quality, and energy efficiency. A special process creates the “wing” and ensures that it is precisely balanced so that it runs smoothly and quietly. It is made of high quality engineered plastic. This means that the plastic is especially formulated for this purpose so that it can meet all of the engineering specifications of strength, temperature tolerance, durability, and weight that are required to perfectly fit the high functioning level of this fan. The surface of the fan is specially finished to be extremely smooth so that it looks beautiful and has minimal resistance to the air flow. The motor is a highly advanced, energy efficient 6 speed DC motor designed to quietly and efficiently power the fan for many years – it has a lifetime warranty. An all around high quality package!

Luxury looks and packaging

The Wing fan comes packed in a specially reinforced box with extensive protective packaging to make sure that it arrives to you in perfect shape. It is carefully wrapped in protective cloth like fine jewelry or leather goods. Special gloves are included to handle the fan without leaving fingerprints to mar the very smooth surface. When you receive your fan, and especially after you install it and use it, you will know that you have purchased something of high quality that is both truly beautiful and useful for your home. The Wing ceiling fan will enhance your experience and continue to do so for a long time.

To purchase the Wing ceiling fan, please visit our secure website:

Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions or would rather order by phone – toll free 877 858-5333 or email

Specs – 52” from blade tip to blade tip, 6 speed motor in forward and reverse, comes standard with 6” downrod for 8 ½ to 10 foot ceilings, longer downrods are available for higher ceilings, comes standard with remote control, UL listed for indoor use, airflow 6000 CFM, energy usage: 31 watts on high speed, airflow efficiency is 193 CFM/Watt, lifetime warranty on motor, 1 year warranty on rest of fan. Available in silver, white, distressed Koa, maple, and mahogany finishes. Model number is F823.

Our customers have told us how much they love their Wing fans. They rave about the look, the ease, and how much air the fan moves.

If you have been looking for a ceiling fan and think that they all look terrible, we know that feeling, we have been there. That is what got Mark Gajewski, our designer, into designing ceiling fans – he couldn’t find one that he wanted to use in his home. In addition to the Wing ceiling fan, we have other modern, contemporary, and transitional ceiling fans for both indoor and indoor/outdoor use on our website. We also have a curated selection of lighting that we will be expanding over the next few months.

It is always satisfying to create something that is not just beautiful to look at or green or functional but is all of these things at once. We’re proud of the Wing ceiling fan and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

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