Need a Fan With a Light?

Fan with up-light and down-light, Airus F598 at

G2Art Airus Ceiling Fan F598-BN, brushed nickel with silver blades

Many of our customers ask us which ceiling fan gives the most light because they want to use the fan as the main source of light in a room.  For this use, I recommend the Airus ceiling fan, F598. The Airus makes a great fan/light combination.  It has 100 watts of up-lighting on top of the fan that bounces off the ceiling for a great indirect light source and also has 150 watts of down-lighting for more direct lighting.  Both the up- and down-lights are infinitely dimmable and are controlled independently.  So, you have a wide choice of lighting options.  The lights are quite bright on high (250 watts total) or can be dimmed down to an intimate level. The fan uses halogen lighting so the color of the light is pleasing.

The Airus comes in three finishes – brushed nickel with silver blades, white with white blades, and oil rubbed bronze with medium maple blades.  It has three speeds in forward and reverse and comes with a wall switch that controls the speeds and the independent dimmers.  A hand held remote is available as well that works along with the wall switch. It has “two-wire” installation which means that it only needs one switch to control the motor and the light, not two separate switches as some fans do. It has a lifetime warranty on the motor and one year on everything else.  It is UL listed for indoor use.

The glass for the Airus is of designer fixture quality and was especially chosen for its beautiful looks and to enhance the effects of the light.  The brushed nickel and white fans have attractive white acid-etched glass for a great frosted look that diffuses the light beautifully. The oil rubbed bronze finish has a soft, warm look achieved by the use of special excavation glass which has a marbled effect something like alabaster.

The design of the fan itself feels “Zen”- like to me – the calming effect of the repeated outlines of the body and glass seem so harmonious and perfect together.  The simple lines look beautiful without drawing a lot of attention to the fan.

The different finishes enable this fan to enhance many different décor styles.  With a more traditional setting, the oil rubbed bronze fan with medium maple blades would look great. That same oil rubbed bronze fan in a modern setting will also fit right in since the design is so simple.  The white fan is very “light” looking (no pun intended! 🙂 ) and can go across different design styles.  If you have light walls and a white ceiling, the white fan will “blend” in well and look very unobtrusive.  I have also seen it look great against dark walls where it stands out.  The brushed nickel finish with silver blades is the most popular and goes well with contemporary or transition designs and can also be used in more traditional designs where silver colored metals are used.

White ceiling fan with up-light and down-lightm F598-WH Airus at

G2Art Airus Ceiling Fan F598-WH in White

Airus Ceiling Fan in Oil Rubbed Bronze

G2Art Airus Ceiling Fan F598-ORB in Oil Rubbed Bronze with Medium Maple Blades

You can customize the fan finishes by choosing a set of accessory blades if you like the body and glass finish but want a different look for the blades that the ones that come standard with that finish.  Accessory blades are available in cherry and light maple as well as any of the existing finishes which are silver, white, and medium maple.  For instance, the brushed nickel fan looks great with wood finish blades which enable you to use the silver metal but with a “warmer” look. If you have a certain finish or tone to the wood in your room and want to match it with the fan blades, you have the three wood finish options of cherry, light maple, or medium maple.  You can even order the other glass finish as an accessory if for instance you would like an oil rubbed bronze fan with white glass.

Many people have chosen this fan as their kitchen fan since it can be used over the kitchen table or in the cooking area where you would like a lot of light and also would like to be able to reduce the light as needed for different “moods”.  It works well anywhere you might need a light – a bedroom, hallway, living room, etc.

We have had customers who wanted a fan without a light but fell in love with the design and purchased the fan to use without using the light – they simply did not install the light bulbs.  The glass is so pretty that the fan looks just as good when the lights are not on as when they are on.

I think that you can tell that the Airus is one of my favorite fans – I have it in my living room and my sisters and friends have them as well as many of our other customers. It is quite powerful and quiet and I hardly ever have to use it on “high” speed.  When I want to quickly change the air temperature in my living room, I put it on “high” speed to start and then turn it down after about thirty seconds – that is enough even on the hottest or coldest days to bring the air from the top of the room down and start mixing the air.

So, if you need a lot of light or just love the design, you can’t go wrong choosing the Airus fan.

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