New Gyrette Ceiling Fan, F302

Are you looking for a great fan that will fit into a small space? We get so many requests for a smaller sized fan – I thought about what I would like to have if I had the need for a smaller fan and that is how I came up with the Gyrette
The mighty Gyro fan is extremely popular with our customers due to its versatility and power. If you need a truly, perhaps astonishingly, strong breeze then the Gyro is your man, that is, fan. And you can direct it wherever you choose, and even stop it and have it blow directly at you in your easy chair. The same benefits, on a smaller scale, are provided by the Gyrette fan. Perhaps you need a smaller version of the Gyro, your space being smaller. Or you prefer a daintier, more delicate look… Please take a look at the Gyrette. It is still a very strong performer and will provide very good ventilation for any room of a reasonable size. If you have a large space with two or more separate areas where people congregate, you might want to consider having a Gyrette serving each one of those areas… The fan is not inexpensive but it is good value and affordably priced. I think you’ll like it!
Gyrette Ceiling Fan, F302, at

Gyrette Ceiling Fan, F302-BN in brushed nickel, at


G2Art Gyrette Ceiling Fan, F302-RRB at

G2Art Gyrette Ceiling Fan in Restoration Bronze, F302-RRB at


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